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BAROS - High Speed Doors

The F3000 Type

High Speed Doors
Internal & External Use

This door is applicable for any wide range of space, but internal passage. It ensures the place can be fully sealed, windproof, soundproof, heat and cold isolation and odour prevention. These are to achieve a more efficient logistics with better performance in a practical way.

Applicable site: food, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, printing, logistics terminal, machinery manufacturing, auto- mobile, jetty etc.

Motor & Control System

Fast doors usually are 20 times faster than normal doors; which equipped with automatic sensor. Smart electromagnetic and frequency conversion control system are what make BAROS products sustain for a longer lifetime.

Motors come either with mechanical stroke switch or absolute encoders. You can adjust the end position and middle position through control cabinet with absolute encoder equipped motor.

Feature & Function

The system use full closed-loop servo control and double encoder design to ensure long operating life and to prevent overshooting during the operation.

High Speed
Motor maximum speed is 2500rpm; door maximum operating speed is 2m/s.

The torque servo system can adjust torque to the load automatically, and it uses S speed curve mode step less speed regulating to ensure a smooth operation.

The system utilities integrated design concept in order to simplify internal wiring and to prevent malfunction that cause by wiring and terminal connections.

High Usage
The system is designed for continuous high usage: it can be applied to high frequency and high passage.

The system has a built-in emergency stop button, it can be activated within milliseconds after received a control order to ensure the safety.

Each system's operating control order and mode can be custom made to suit each door, to ensure maximum operating condition. The system has a unique order and memory mode and one key recover mode.

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