Discover How Simple Is To Automate Your Doorways

Stanley Lite Automatic Door System - the safest,
most cost effective solutions available today.

Adapts to the requirements of barrier free design. Fast and easy installation,
easy start up and setting process.


The Advantage of Stanley Lite Operators

Barrier free access whether at office or outside. The design of the automatic sliding door operator is not compromised. The Stanley Lite Sliders effortlessly blend into your building. The Stanley Lite system provided smooth, quite, safe and reliable operation for professional applications.

Specially Designed Control Unit

  • Intelligent automatic control, our system will calculate the retardant distance automatically according to the door panel weight and the setting speed.
  • LED display control box, adjustable parameters directly setting on the control box.
  • Automatic motor faulty detecting, the control box will automatically report error and stop work to ensure safety if motor error or the wiring disconnection between motor and control box.

German Dunker Motor

  • Brush motor: Much better function in low speed running, preferably for automatic door control, and contributing even runnig.
  • High Durability & High Efficiency
  • High Dynamic Acceleration
  • Maintenance Free Design


SAT Lite Series

091 Dura-Glide SLH

2010 Stanley Catalog